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Find Financial clarity & DirectioN

Find Financial clarity & DirectioN

Embark on your financial journey with our specialized guidance, where every step is a stride toward financial triumph, and we're your steadfast partner all the way.

800+ Clients helped

Having successfully guided over 800 clients, we have a proven track record of providing specialized financial planning and strategies tailored to individual goals and needs.

Clients in 13+ states

We currently serve clients in 13 states and are continually expanding our reach to assist even more individuals in securing their financial futures.

$100M Assets Planned

With an unwavering commitment to our clients, we have been instrumental in helping them strategically manage and preserve assets surpassing the impressive milestone of $100,000,000.

15+ Years of Experience

Over our 15+ years of financial planning experience, we've navigated economic downturns, market fluctuations, and changing regulations, gaining invaluable insights to provide our clients with robust financial strategies.

Our Simple process

Get Organized

Get Organized

Getting organized is a crucial first step towards establishing a clear and effective financial strategy. This process involves gathering and organizing all relevant financial information to provide a comprehensive overview of your current financial situation.

Design a Plan

Design a Plan

Your vision and goals are essential components of effective financial planning. They provide a clear direction and purpose for your financial decisions and actions, helping you make informed choices to address your desired financial future.



Implementation involves putting into action the strategies and steps outlined in the plan to pursue your financial goals and objectives. Remember that implementing a financial plan is an ongoing process. It requires consistent effort, monitoring, and adjustments over time to ensure that you stay aligned with your goals and make progress toward your desired financial outcomes.

A word from our founder

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At Milestone Wealth Design we strive to provide clarity and direction to our clients through "pastoral-like" financial care. As a former pastor, our planning process looks much like how I served in ministry. Our team will affirm you in what is already working, advise you on what could be improved, and provide accountability to help you achieve your goals. Your future is too important to live without a plan.

Jeff Malas, Founder of Milestone Wealth Design

Strategic Partners

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LPL Financial offers a wide range of investment products and services, empowering us with the tools and resources to provide personalized financial guidance to clients, while maintaining our independence and flexibility.


LPL FInancial is the #1 Independent Broker-Dealer in the nation.*

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eMoney is a versatile financial planning platform that empowers us to create holistic financial plans, track progress, and engage clients effectively, enhancing the overall client-advisor relationship and financial outcomes. With eMoney, we can easily organize your data and map out the road to your goals, all while stress testing for risks.


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Holistiplan provides us  with comprehensive and streamlined estate tax planning solutions, simplifying complex financial strategies and helping clients maximize their wealth transfer efficiency.

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